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Range Rules

1.    The range personnel have the right to inspect all firearms and ammo and may prohibit their use if
         deemed unsafe or exceed Range  specifications.
2.     You must be 18 or older to use the Range.  A responsible adult must accompany anyone under 18.
3.      NO Muzzle Loaders or Shotguns allowed (Taurus Judge- 45 Colt ONLY).
4.      Factory loaded and reload ammo is permitted. No steel core, tracer, or armor piercing ammunition
          is   allowed on the range.
5.      Eye and ear protection must be worn by everyone while in the Range.
6.      Range personnel will bar from the premises any person believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  This
          also applies to the use of prescription drugs that impairs a person’s ability to conduct his/her-self in a safe and
          appropriate manner.
7.      Down Range is a family friendly facility. Proper language is required.  No profanity.
8.      Loaded weapons allowed on firing line only.
9.      ALL FIREARMS  being carried to and from the firing line must be unloaded and carried in a safe manner,
         in a gun box , bag,  or a concealed holster.
10.   Carelessness or thoughtlessness will not be tolerated.  The strictest discipline must be observed in the Range to
        prevent accidents or injuries to yourself and others. 
11.   Maximum of two individuals will be permitted per one shooting lane.  Only one person is permitted to shoot at a
         time.  Non shooting individual must stay behind shooter in the same area as the shooter.  
12.   Never load a firearm until you are within the shooting booth, with muzzle pointed down range.  Never point a
         firearm at anything you don’t intend to shoot.         
13.   In case of a misfire, keep the firearm pointed down range for at least 30 seconds.  After waiting, clear the firearm
         and check the barrel for obstructions.  Contact a Down Range member for assistance.
14.   No quick drawing from holster. No kneeling to shoot. No shooting from under booth tray.
15.   No rapid fire.
16.   Only shoot at the target in your assigned lane.
17.   All misfires, equipment problems, and injuries must be reported to a Down Range member immediately.
18.   Down Range is not liable for any injuries or accidents sustained while in the range.
19.   Down Range is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
20.   Please observe range emergency procedures posted in the range entry hall and inside the range.  
21.   CEASE FIRE – On this command, stop shooting immediately, take your finger off the trigger and unload your firearm,
         leave the action open and lay down the firearm with the muzzle pointed down range.  Step back from the firing
         line and do not return to booth until authorized personnel give the “all clear”.
23.   Rental firearms must be returned empty with the slide locked open on semi-autos and the
        cylinder swung open on revolvers.
24.  All safety rules are enforced and must be obeyed for the benefit of all.  Violation of any of the rules will result in
        immediate removal and loss or Range use.
25.   The Range is not to be used by anyone, other than Down Range team members, to demonstrate, teach, sell,
         or engage in any act that could be considered an act of commerce.
26.   Ask if you are unsure about anything. Be Careful, shoot safely, HAVE FUN!