So you have your CCW....what next???

Wisconsin CCW Class

Our CCW class will provide you with the information you need to know 
to properly, and safely, carry a concealed weapon.

This class teaches...
-The basics of WI rules and regulations.
-The liability of where you can and cannot carry.
-How to carry.
-The implications involved in carrying a concealed weapon.
-We educate on different types of firearms.
-You will learn basic firearm safety, basic fundamentals, and personal protection. 
 -Decision making, the physical and mental results from confrontation.
 -You will learn how to evaluate a situation to make the decision to use force or not

This class qualifies you to apply for Wisconsin Conceal carry.
Application forms will be available in the classroom and discussed.
4 hours
$75 per student 

Multi-State CCW Class

This course will cover a permit for Minnesota which will also qualify the student for a Wisconsin permit and a Florida permit. Also offered is a Utah addendum at no extra charge for those who choose to do so, which will qualify the student for the Utah permit. This course will also qualify for Maine and New Hampshire permits.

6 hours

$125 per student

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Advanced Pistol Courses (click here for more info)

Down Range has certified instructors who offer private training. Instruction can be personalized to the level of training and education requested.

Hourly Charge: $75.00 per person

Private Instruction is available for groups, Great for company team building!

For new shooters, we highly recommend:

The "New Shooters Package"

-1.5 Hours of Instruction
-Includes classroom and range time
-Coupon for 1 hour of range time to use at a later date

$95 per person

Contact the range for more information or to schedule your training

Private Instruction & New Shooters Package

To Register:  Call   (920) 759-1546
Send your course questions to:  info@downrange-shooting .com

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